Once Still Cosmos


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"Once Still Cosmos"
Morbid Visions

Loudoun County-based metal bands FETID ZOMBIE (USA) and SVIERG (USA) combine to release a split effort that transmits technical, powerful, and melodic death metal with Greek metal influenced underpinnings and cosmic, atmospheric chaotic black metal. FETID ZOMBIE enlists Ralf Hauber (REVEL IN FLESH) and Dawn Desiree' (ex-RAIN FELL WITHIN) on guest vocals and Toby Knapp (AFFLIKTOR) on guest guitar solos while SVIERG recruits Ikonoklast (DISPELLMENT) on drums. Compact Disc edition comes with screen printed logo patches and 8.5" x 22" poster.


released August 11, 2017

Vocals by Ralf Hauber (REVEL IN FLESH).
Guest guitar solos and rhythm guitar by Toby Knapp (AFFLIKTOR).


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FETID ZOMBIE Leesburg, Virginia

FETID ZOMBIE, the blasphemous and death-obsessed, solo effort of reputable underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick, was born in January 2007. Riddick makes no apologies or compromises for his unique vision, offering a myriad of influences from hard rock/heavy metal to technical death metal. Prepare for an unruly onslaught of anti-faith sentiment and old school death metal worship! ... more

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Track Name: Creation Destroyed
Creation, dismantled by an unknown force
Creation, banished in cataclysmic chaos
What once was will be lost
Fear the unknown in the end
Vanished in cryptic radiance
Convulsed elements
Through Opened gateways . . . into to the unforeseen
Creation Destroyed
Your creation destroyed
Storms emerged from the sea
Fire lava sulphur chaos
Creation Destroyed
Creation Destroyed
The immortal cycle
Create and destroy
The internal collapse
Bringing death to life
Creation Destroyed
Creation Destroyed
Earthquakes rip your world apart
Death rains from the sky . . . chosen to fall . . .the end of it all
Track Name: Forced Into Extinction
Manifested chaos we're in despair
Cataclysmic horror everywhere
Deserted landscape in total fear
Perpetual deadworld
Cursed to be there
Suffocated by debris
Barren planet, cold and gusty
No chance of survival
Die, in a frozen tomb
Now, face your doom
No chance of survival
Forced into extinction
Gasp at all that is lost
Consumed by nuclear winter
Ashes covered by frost
Deadly asphyxiation
Remnants of once-vivid nations
No chance of survival
Chaos, when the asteroid crashed
Sky, blackened by ash
No chance of survival
Forced into extinction
Forced into extinction
Created to be destroyed
Destroyed to be recreated
Enlightened by the strength of will
A new dawn starts to rise
Deep in earth's cavern halls
A new seed of life is dwelling
Crytsal clear
Immortal in spirit . . . spirit
Rise from ashes
Rise free from pain
Liberated spirit
Rise again
Track Name: Reborn in Cosmic Chaos
Starspawn my path to catharsis
Voyage beyond dust and time
Galaxies implode & dimensions erode
Starspawn I return
I'm reborn
Reborn in cosmic chaos
Reborn from another world
Deep in the ancient waters
As the universe rumbles
I'm Ready for the feast
I was swallowed by neverending vastness
I was swallowed drowning in the void
Stars part ways
Galaxies implode
Planets crumble
Dimensions erode
A sea of void, parts it's stellar teeth
Planets crumble, dimensions erode
Swallowed . . . I was drowning in the void
Swallowed . . . By neverending vastness
Neverending . . . neverending
Reborn in cosmic chaos
Cells melting together
Together as one
Starspawn, starspawn
A sea of void, parts it's stellar teeth
Exposing black vastness
Unto all remaining life
Beyond . . . beyond

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