Prophecies of Ruin


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"Prophecies of Ruin"
Iron Goat Commando

Solo efforts, FETID ZOMBIE (USA) and HELLRIPPER (Scotland), deliver four absolutely ripping death/speed metal tracks each on “Prophecies of Ruin.” 100% uncompromising underground attitude!!! Published on CD format by Iron Goat Commando (Colombia).


released July 16, 2016

Guest guitar solos and rhythm guitar by Toby Knapp (WAXEN).



all rights reserved


FETID ZOMBIE Leesburg, Virginia

FETID ZOMBIE, the blasphemous and death-obsessed, solo effort of reputable underground death metal illustrator Mark Riddick, was born in January 2007. Riddick makes no apologies or compromises for his unique vision, offering a myriad of influences from hard rock/heavy metal to technical death metal. Prepare for an unruly onslaught of anti-faith sentiment and old school death metal worship! ... more

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Track Name: On Winds of Death
Kneel down before me
Worm of all existence
I shall conquer
Reap and destroy
I am the wind of the pestilence
Mother of destruction!
I am the swarm of disaster
Bane of all creation!
I am the knell of doom
Reaping the life!
I am the shroud of black
Cerement of death!
Swarms of disease and plague
Violence and holy crusade
Litter this decrepit earth
Scythe of death reaping high
All signs of life denied
Death and despair spreads wide
Filling the sordid air
No life shall be spared
Track Name: Unchained
Under the spell of faith
Relentless self-oppression
Cast into deceit
Chained to insane belief
It's time to revolt
Extinguish all the lies
Claim the left hand path
Deny with unholy wrath
Slave to the word
Contaminated by the holy
Worshiping false prophets
Blurring the lines of truth
It's time to deny
Shed the skin of tenets
Embrace the hand of wisdom
Light the flame of sapience
Under the spell of disbelief
Make known thy will
Thy will is the way
To the whole of the law
Yielding the power
To cast and to forge
Clutch the sword of light
Align with truth and right
Track Name: Terminal Earth
Doom, the day will come
Self-imposed extinction
Cycle of violence
The sky, will fill with ash
Death by devastation
Mass disintegration
Epoch, of the end
The hatred of man
Will come to fruition
Conquered, by our own hands
Unleashing the weapons
Of mass extermination
Track Name: Heretical Fire
Feel the fire
Burning in me
It's my desire
It's my destiny
Orb of the wise
Light the way
Until the death
Until my dying day
Never straying
Blaze of will
Inner sanctum
Resting forever still
Break the chains
Of conformity
Creative brilliance
Light the way